e&e architects

E&E Architects International Limited team have established a track record of innovative design across a broad range of projects in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, covering new build, rehabilitation, work to historic buildings and urban planning.

architecture and masterplanning

The practice specialises in the design of sustainable, energy efficient and accessible buildings and is involved into School and Education design, briefing and the construction process. We have a holistic approach to urban planning - stakeholder and community engagement is central to any project.

E&E Education

E&E Education Consultancy uses its extensive knowledge of the education sector and its network to support British as well as overseas private schools and universities in reaching their maximum potentials.


We are delighted to let you know that in partnership with Brunel University Business School and the Brunel Co-Innovate Team, E&E Education will develop investment models in Higher Education.

services to local authorities-design review panels

We sat on Islington Council, Lewisham Council and Hackney Council Design Review...

16th Oct

value-added services to independent-private schools

e&e architects closely work with independent-private schools and help them structure their development...

16th Oct


E&E Architects designed and worked on a variety of residential projects from...

15th Oct
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