1/2 Sustainability

Within the context of social, economic and environmental sustainability, e & e architects aim to design buildings in a responsible way.

Building construction and use account for up to 50% of CO2 emissions. The need for the Construction Industry to respond to some of the larger environmental issues of today, such as CO2 emissions and Global Warming is great. As architects, we believe that we are well placed to help bring about changes.

We aim for responsible material and component specification, considering all impacts during their lifecycle, i.e. during the manufacture, transportation, construction, maintenance and disposal.

We have the knowledge and the commitment to designing buildings in a more sustainable way. By integrating ecological building principles into a project from the onset, buildings can benefit in many ways. Thermal comfort, natural lighting, energy efficiency (and therefore cost), can be improved, while creating healthy living and working conditions.

We can calculate SAP energy ratings, and produce sun-path diagrams and animations.

We stress the need for a life-cycle costing approach, and we are developing post-occupancy feedback tools to enable our clients to achieve best value.

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