Flora Gardens Primary School

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This project explores the opportunities for transforming the Flora Gardens Primary School and increasing the school’s capacity from 1FE to 2FE plus Nurseries. Flora Gardens Primary School is a community primary school with currently 232 pupils on the school role. The ages range from 3 to 11 years. The space requirements are based on the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines Building Bulletin No 99

 (BB99). The feasibility study for enlargement:

• identified three options to suit the vision of the school community;

• included a spatial analysis of the existing and proposed facilities;

• highlighted the constraints affecting the realisation of the client’s brief;

• included a structural appraisal of the existing buildings and made initial recommendations on the technical viability of the proposed works;

• included a cost analysis of the proposed three options;

• included an assessment of the existing building services and an initial building services proposal.


The members of E&E Team were involved in this project.

Quantity Surveyor:
Thomas English Partnership

Building Services Consultants:

Key Services:

Brief Writing, Construction Techniques, Design for the Disabled, Full Architectural Service, Planning Advice

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