The Ivy Street Centre, Hoxton N1

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The Ivy Street Centre is a Christian charity mother and toddler drop-in centre in Hoxton, currently housed in a dilapidated Victorian pub.

The new building will complete the end of the terrace of buildings along Ivy Street. Sitting between the large scale Burbage School and even larger scale Macbeth House block of flats, the new building mediates between the mix of scales. The proposals naturally follow the shape of the site to maximise the usable space inside. The building’s rounded end relates to the established road layout and produces a welcoming and strong presence on the site. The flat green roof relates to the geometry of the flats that are adjacent to the site.

Sustainability is a key design principle. Photovoltaic Cells will produce electricity, which will be sold back to the National Grid. The building will be naturally ventilated. The use of natural light will be maximised.

High quality materials have been chosen that relate to the surrounding buildings, and also to bring interest and warmth to the area.

This project was developed by the members of E&E Architects.

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