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PELO is an acronym for Positive Education Learning Organisation. PELO started as a football club for young people (aged 6 to 23 years old) in 1995 with 12 youngsters, and now includes approximately 800 participants from different backgrounds and cultures, but particularly from deprived areas.

The existing building is in a poor state of repair and is not meeting the needs of its users. PELO is therefore proposing to replace this with modern facilities to meet the current needs of the community.

London ProHelp, a professional pro bono group, is providing a range of legal and business support for PELO to facilitate its development.

We were appointed in 2005 to help the management team to develop the brief and to design the new centre and associated facilities.

We have prepared proposals for the accommodation and site in accordance with the FASport England and Football Foundation guidelines. The new facility will include a Café, Multipurpose Hall, Changing facilities, Teaching/ Coaching Rooms and Administration rooms. Four grass pitches and an astroturf enclosure The designs take advantage of modern environmentally sustainable products and technologies to create a fully sustainable building. These include sustainably soucred solid timber wall panels, a Sedum green roof and a ground source heat pump.

This project was developed by the members of E&E Architects.


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