City Virus-Competition Entry

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There are three types of Urban Growth Patterns and Urban Elements as attractors. Attractors are included in Urban Elements after time, repetition, social practices and traditions.

Urban Element 1 is the Armature as linear structure which accommodates flows along axis.

Urban Element 2 is the Enclave as a self-catering closed structure.

Urban Element 3 is the Heterotopia as a hybrid and exception on the interface between the poles, always shifting with relationships between the other two systems.

City Virus is an urban actor attracted by these three urban elements. which can offer essential infrastructure, work places, entertainment, good living environment, etc.

City Virus fits perfectly into the environment and keeps a small foot print and does not disturb the existing structure. It stays there as long as it can get enough profit from the attractor.

City Virus accomodates living areas as individual capsules and also contains communal spaces.

It can use solar energy and re-use rain water. Its shape is perfect for natural ventilation.

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