Building Schools for the Future Programme, Hammersmith and Fulham BSF, Lead Designer (ME at WS Atkins)

LBHF Overall Strategy 3 Fulham Cross 1 Fulham-Cross-9

A child’s educational experience shapes their emotional and wellbeing as an adult. Hammersmith and Fulham’s aspiration for secondary education is to make that inspirational learning experience, which enables each individual to reach their highest potential.

We worked with the thirteen secondary schools located within the Borough and developed a range of innovative outline drawings and designs for the Strategy for Change 2 (SfC2) and Outline Business Case (OBC) submissions. Key elements in the process included:

  • reflecting on Local Authority’s strategies,
  • meeting and listening to, and reflecting on, the views of the stakeholders, head-teachers, governors about their needs now and in the future,
  • identifying the key issues and limitations through the use of the suitability and condition reports, the individual school briefs and the school’s priorities for improvements,
  • developing the school’s priorities to address its particular challenges,
  • considering strategies for removing barriers to learning and achievements considering sustainable design approaches.

Hammersmith and Fulham BSF programme included the following schools;

  1. Fulham Cross Girls’ School
  2. Henry Compton School
  3. Hurlingham and Chelsea School
  4. Phonix High School
  5. Lady Margaret School
  6. The London Oratory
  7. Sacred Heart High School
  8. William Morris 6th Form
  9. Cambridge School (Special School)
  10. Queensmill School (Special School)
  11. Woodlane High School (Special School)
  12. The Bridge Academy (PRU)
  13. Jack Tizard (Special School)

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