Ealing West5 Free School

The West5 Primary (W5P) promoter group consists of educationalists and professionals with a combined experience of over 80 years of establishing, operating and working within educational institutes as well as business ventures. Furthermore, W5P has made a concerted effort to consult and reach out to the local and educational community prior to this application and has secured the support of over 120 parents and 5 local Montessori nurseries. The group has also established strategic partnership with two well renowned and respected organisations, the Co-operative Schools Society (CSS) and Montessori Schools Association (MSA); the CSS because of the overlap of our values, beliefs and educational goals, and the MSA who we see as a key resource for guidance and development of the school.

As an overall programme and project manager we guided the West5 Primary (W5P) promoter group from inception to submission of their proposal.

The DfE submission was prepared by the members of E&E Architects.

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